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About us

Our event managing agency, based in Southern Germany, was founded in 1988.
We coordinate and manage custom designed events for holiday resorts and seminars.

CEO: Dirk Rosenberg
Sportchief und Chiefanimateur at
Club Aldiana und Robinson Club

  What do we do?

P.A.S. matches performers / facilitators to positions and ensures cooperation between management and the event team...

We design individual programs fitted to your needs and offer professional assistance from beginnen to end.

Because we offer support on the job throughout the holidayseason, we an ensure the events smooth functioning and ultimate success.

What else?

P.A.S. produces, locates, refers:
qualified trainers (i.e. aerobic, shows, stage designers and technicians)
show ideas
team trainings
highly qualified personnel (i.e. seamstresses, stage designers, choreographers)

seasonal hits (i.e. Robinson Holiday Shout for Robinson club, 1,2 Fly, D. Lubega for the 1,2 Fly Fun Clubs, Let's go Fehmarn, the island hit: yazoo Nana for the Top Holiday Ressort Club Nana Beach on the island of Crete; Let's go kids!)